Booking Terms and Conditions
Please read before making an online booking. You agree to be bound by these booking terms and conditions.


1.              Pool heating is not included within the cost of your booking.  If required please contact us PRIOR to making your final payment and we can arrange for pool heating at the cost of $175 / £100 per week.  Heating may be arranged locally at an additional charge of $25 per booking.

2.              The rental period begins at 4pm local time on the day of arrival and ends at 10am local time on the day of departure, (unless by prior arrangement with the owner and subject to an additional charge). Vacating after 10am may incur a charge equivalent to one day’s rental unless previously agreed with the owner.

3.              No all male/female parties or parties of guests who are under the age of 25 will be accepted.

Our Obligations

4.             These Terms and Conditions set out herein together with your confirmation invoice comprise your agreement with us and all those listed on the booking on whose behalf the party leader is acting.

5.             It is important that you check all the details shown on the confirmation invoice carefully to ensure they are correct as this forms the basis of the contract. Any discrepancies should be brought to our attention within 7 days of issue, or the details will be presumed correct.

Your Obligations

6.             When you wish to confirm a booking you must pay a down payment of £100 / $175 per whole or part week. The down payment paid is non-refundable. You must make payment to us of the balance shown on the confirmation invoice at least 10 weeks prior to the first date of occupancy, or if your booking is made within this period you will have to pay the full amount immediately.

7.             If you do not pay in full by the date shown on the confirmation invoice we reserve the right to cancel your booking if we so wish which will make you liable and you accept to pay for cancellation charges as set out in the table below.


8.             The signing of the booking form confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions If you have booked through our website, you will have been asked to read these Terms and Conditions and you will have ticked a box on the Online Booking Form to say you agree to these Terms and Conditions and they shall be binding on all the persons intending to occupy the property whether or not such persons have signed the booking form. The lead name on the Booking Form will be responsible for the total price of the rental property as agreed.


9.             If you cancel your accommodation, the lead name on the booking must advise us in writing by registered post or e-mail immediately.  Verbal cancellations will only be accepted if written confirmation follows within 7 days. If you cancel you will be liable to pay the cancellation charges set out in the table below. Cancellation periods are calculated on the date your cancellation is received by us. (E-mail :

10.         Cancellation notification received by us. The following cancellation charges will apply.

·         56 days or more before departure Down Payment Only

·         28-55 days before departure 50% of full rental cost

·         Within 28 days of departure 100% of full rental cost

Cancellation by Owners or Management Company

11.         In the unlikely event that personal circumstances necessitate cancellation of the booking we will refund any monies paid by the party (without interest, liability for what ever nature, compensation or consequential or indirect loss of any kind). However the management company will always seek to relocate your booking to a villa of a similar or superior standard.

Security or Breakage Deposit

12.         You are responsible for any damage caused to your holiday accommodation during your stay. You will be asked to provide a refundable security deposit of $300 / £200 at the time of the final balance payment, which is refunded in full as soon as the local Management Company has inspected the home and reported no damage. In the meantime the security deposit will be held as surety against loss or damage caused by any member(s) of your party. Our local management company checks the home before your arrival and after your departure and will advise us of any faults. This may include additional cleaning costs for removal of stains due to spillage.

13.         This rental home is designated as a "No Smoking" home, and all guests agree to refrain from smoking inside the house. In the event that neutralization of smoke odours from cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other smoking materials is required, or in the event that burn marks from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other smoking materials are detected, the cost for elimination of those odours or repair of the burn marks will be deducted from the security deposit.

14.         We reserve the right to retain the security deposit (either in part or full) to cover damage or non-return of keys. Receipts for repairs / replacements will be provided in the unlikely event that such retention of the security deposit is required.

15.         You are responsible for any loss or damage greater than the amount of the security deposit, which must be paid within 14 days of being served notice of this.

16.         If applicable, the security deposit will be refunded to you via the same payment method used by you to pay the security deposit, (cheque, check, bank transfer or Paypal), and therefore subject to any charges or fees levied by external companies eg. Paypal or bank charges etc.


Pool & Spa

17.           The pool and spa are heated by the same unit and cannot be purchased separately.

18.         The pool is regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained but may be affected by dust, dirt or insects –particularly during and after bad weather. Very occasionally, pool heating or lighting etc break down, in the unlikely event the pool heating breaks down during your stay (if you have pre-ordered this) the Management Company will either provide the owed day (s) pool heating at a later time or if this proves impossible you will be refunded the unused portion of pool heating cost upon your return.

19.         Pool heating is recommended (but not compulsory) for stays between September and May (but can be ordered for any month) there is a 4-day minimum period for pool heating. If you order pool heating from check in (we cannot turn pool heating on for you whilst the property is occupied by other guests) it will be turned on between 11 am – 4pm on your day of arrival. Depending on weather conditions water can take some hours to reach optimum temperature. We have no control over the weather and if you have requested pool heating and the weather is warm you will pay for ordered pool heating as this will have been turned on in advance of your arrival and no refunds will be given in these circumstances. Please note that neither the Management Company nor ourselves accept responsibility for loss of pool heating or lighting facilities other than as mentioned, and we cannot be held responsible for pool heater not being able to reach temperatures due to the weather. Your pool heat WILL NOT be refunded!

20.         Pool heating will be pre-set to the correct temperature on arrival to approx. 80-85 Fahrenheit. The Spa can be set higher if required to approx. 90-95 Fahrenheit. You agree not to set the temperature any higher than this as it could cause damage to the heating mechanism, and any such damage will be deducted from the security deposit.

21.         During the cooler months when pool heating has been requested, we provide a pool cover (blanket) to conserve the heat in the pool. Please place the cover on the pool (bubble side down in the water) when it is not in use, especially at night, this will ensure that the water temperature is maintained. Leaving the pool uncovered overnight will result in the pool being cold the following day. Please do not let children or adults attempt to walk on the pool blanket when it is covering the pool. It will not hold their weight and will quickly engulf them causing injury or possible death. During the hot months of the year the blanket will be stored in the garage.

22.         The pool alarms located on the patio doors are set to the ON position and the alarm is sounded whenever the door is opened, this is a safety measure to prevent young children straying into the pool area. Florida law require these alarms be on at all times. There is a small box at the top of the door, which you can press in to momentarily stop the alarm sounding off giving you sufficient time to exit. There is also a pool safety fence which will be either erected on arrival, or stowed in the garage to keep young children safe in the pool area.


23.         The enjoyment of your vacation, and your satisfaction with the villa is paramount to us. Please contact the local management company if you experience any problems at all. Every effort will be made to assist but if the problem is not resolved then you need to notify us immediately. All complaints must be supported in writing within seven days and we cannot be responsible for complaints received after this period. A full investigation will be carried out and you will be notified as soon as possible. Should you be dissatisfied with our own booking procedure or administration please let us know immediately. Every effort will be made in an endeavour to improve our service.

 Force Majeure

24.         The owners of the property, their servants or agents, accept no liability to pay compensation. In respect of any loss, damage or changes arising from unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control, (but not limited to) war, riots, civil strife, strikes, floods, and closure of airports, adverse weather conditions, (i.e. Hurricanes), or other events beyond our control.  You agree that your obligation to pay shall never be affected by an event of force majeure


25.         The accommodation booked is only available for use by those persons included on the booking unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, either with the area office or with us here in the UK. All persons occupying the property, including small children must be listed on the Booking Form. This is Florida State Law, and must be adhered to. The accommodations cannot be shared or sub-let and only the persons shown on the booking form are permitted to stay in the property. The property is fully licensed for short-term rentals in Florida. The owners reserve the right to refuse admittance if these conditions are not met. Failure to comply will render the booking void and no compensation will be paid.

Pets and Smoking

26.         For the comfort of all guests, we do not permit pets in our villa, smoking is not permitted in the villa, and restricted to outside around the pool area, where we have provided ashtrays.


27.         Insurance is not provided with this letting and you are agree to arrange adequate insurance cover for your trip and your party. All baggage and personal possessions remain at all times and in all circumstances at the owner’s risk. The Management or ourselves do not accept responsibility for any losses or damage whosoever caused. Applicants are strongly recommended to take out adequate holiday insurance, to cover cancellation, accidents/illness or damage.

Safety and Security

28.         To comply with state fire regulations under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons identified on the booking form occupy the property.

29.         We cannot accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever and howsoever caused for injury or damage as a result of the use of the pool and surrounding area. Guests are specifically requested not to allow unsupervised children to use the pool. The pool is 6ft deep at the deep end, however, it is not designed for diving as this activity is dangerous. Guests must also take care, and avoid running on wet surfaces, as the tiles inside the villa can be very slippery when wet.

Code of Conduct

30.         Glenbrook is a residential community. The actions of all members of your party should not interfere with the enjoyment of either other holiday makers or the residents of Glenbrook. Please do not play loud music or engage in any activity which may cause inconvenience to your neighbours after 10.30pm or before 07.30am. In the event that any member of your party behaves in a way that is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any other holiday makers, residents of Glenbrook or damage to any property, the owners or their management company reserve the right to terminate your rental agreement immediately and forthwith. The owners or their management company will not be liable for any costs you will incur, nor shall we pay any compensation, nor make any refunds due to this action. All vehicles shall be parked on paved driveways and garages. Short-term visitor street parking is limited to reasonable hours with no overnight parking allowed. 

Liability Disclaimer

31.         The property is privately owned and neither ourselves nor the management company accept any liability whatsoever for damage or injury sustained during use of any of the facilities or equipment at the home. This extends to any other visitors to the home or swimming pool, or for any loss or damage however caused to any property brought to the premises. It is the guest's responsibility to exercise a duty of care at all times and party leaders should ensure that all their party follow all the comprehensive operational and safety instructions relating to the use of facilities and equipment, familiarize themselves with the fire procedure displayed in the home and confirm all persons using the home are adequately covered by appropriate personal accident/injury/public liability insurance.

Right of Entry

32.         The owners and their agents reserve the right of entry at any time. (This includes such workers as pool maintenance, gardeners etc)

Brochure Description

33.         Whilst all information supplied in any brochure/website/advert/E-mail is deemed to be correct to the best of our knowledge, it is understood that the information supplied is for guidance purposes only and does not form any part of the contract.




34.         Should any term of these Terms and Conditions be found to be invalid then the parties agree that such event shall not invalidate the entire agreement between us.


35.         This contract is subject to and shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.